About Us

Vision & Ethos


We believe that when children have a true, emotional connection with their learning that they will make the most amount of progress and achieve the highest standards. As part of our learning ethos we encourage our children to be independent thinkers; within the supportive environment of their classrooms.

We foster a culture that allows children to take risks, we help them to challenge their thinking and we encourage them to look for ways to improve their own learning and reflect on what they have achieved.

We proactively support our children to develop skills to support their resilience, reflectiveness and resourceful approach to learning; ensuring all these skills are transferable. We actively encourage a growth mindset with all of our children. Our children love to be given challenges and know that mistakes are good because that is how we learn.

Primary school should be a fun and happy time for all children but we should never lose sight of the long term goal. In our ever changing world we live in, it is vital we prepare our children for their futures.

We provide many opportunities for children to work as part of a team and to build relationships with others. We recognise that communication skills are vital and in order for our children to develop into well rounded individuals, prepared for the challenges that life will throw at them, we must make good communication a priority.