The School

The School


At “Silver Leaf” we recognise the importance of ensuring that there are good lines of communication between school and home and home and school. We strive to ensure that our lines of communication are quick and effective; keeping everybody up to date with all the exciting things that are going on in school.

Home School Diaries

Across the whole school, from Play Group To HKG, we provide children with home school dairies. These diaries are an excellent way for teachers and parents to communicate to each other on a daily basis in an informal way. We do expect the diaries to be brought into school each day and to be taken home again. This is an invaluable way for teachers to pass on information and for parents to pass notes back to teachers. In addition the home school diaries are also used to record the number of times each week a child has read at home. We expect parents to record when their child has read to them at home and ideally this would be a minimum of 10 minutes each day.

School Newsletters

Once in a month, usually on a last day of the month, school newsletters are sent home to parents to inform them of things that have happened in school over the last month and very importantly of the things that are due to happen. Our diary dates section is always kept up to date so that parents can plan ahead for upcoming events. Our school is constantly changing and evolving and we do feel that it is important that we share the latest initiatives that we are using in school with you at home. Our Big H section is our forum for sharing these changes. We also use the newsletter to celebrate the children success.

Parents Teacher Meeting

Every Last Working Day of a month school will organize the PTM which is again a very good manner of communication between school and Parents.

Parent E-Mail and Text Message Service

As an environmentally aware school we do strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. In order for us to reduce our usage of paper we do strongly encourage our parents to sign up to Parent Mail so that letters can be sent home electronically. This service is free of charge for all our parents.

From time to time we will also send text messages to parents to remind them of upcoming events or to pass on information that they may need.

Please make sure you update the School Office on a regular basis with any changes to your address, phone numbers or email. Thank you.