Why Silver Leaf?

Silver Leaf Pre School

Learn with the Best Teachers

We have well educated experienced teachers who educate with a sole aim to provide all what it takes for a better future of your kids.

Silver Leaf Pre School

Self Dependence

Our objective is to inculcate sheer confidence in the kids so that they are able to accomplish their work without any parents aid.

Silver Leaf Pre School

Playing with Kids

Believing in the eternal saying, we implement teaching techniques involving games & sports to make their mind & body strong.

Silver Leaf Pre School

Recreation is Necessary

Recreation is an essential element for students to learn what can not be found in books, we endeavor to indulge kids in every such possible activity.

Silver Leaf Pre School

Defining Education with Art

Let your kids discover the colors of life through Art. They love colors and we give them the freedom to explore to become tomorrow’s Dali & Picasso.

Silver Leaf Pre School

We are Socialites

We would love to communicate with you. Join us at social media and feel free to interact about various activities happening in and around for kids.


Welcome to Our School

Silver Leaf Pre School is an exciting and dynamic place to be. We aim to inspire our children with our creative curriculum which is designed to motivate and engage our children in their learning. We want all our children to be lifelong learners with high aspirations for their futures.

Silver Leaf Pre School supports, values, and provides the rights of all children, regardless of their diverse abilities, to participate actively in natural settings within their community. The program is based on the belief that children learn best through play.